What To Look Out For When Buying A Diamond At HABIB Jewels


They say diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend and for over 60 years, HABIB has always been driven by a simple vision: to offer Malaysians uniquely different and exclusive world-class jewellery at honest and fair prices.

HABIB has recently launched the latest instalment of Diamond Fest, which will run from 1st March to 31st March and will be held at all of its locations. The Diamond Fest is HABIB’S annual tribute by the homegrown jeweller for the diamonds and has become the signature campaign.

Since the fest is a celebration of diamonds, diamond lovers are in for a treat as a comprehensive diamond collection has been prepared by the jeweller. For this year, Diamond Fest 2022 will feature a diversity of gorgeous jewellery creations in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, all of which will be sure to wow shoppers across the country.

The premiere jeweller has put together exciting lines of collections for this Diamond Fest which include the H Collection, DWA collection, Adore, Polaris collection and many more as well as a newly added international brand, Korloff fine diamond jewellery from Paris.

Dato’ Sri Meer Habib unveiled the collections at the event along with other models including the brand ambassador herself, Sanjna Suri. This year’s Diamond Fest will culminate with a four-day Diamond Fest Grand Finale from 31st March to 3rd April at all showrooms to mark the diamond birth.

The Diamond Fest Collections

The H Collection

The H collection boasts chain link diamond bracelets with interesting play of the alphabet H. This piece is made with multiple lines, similarly an imitation of the alphabet ‘H’ when connected together. This chain link bracelet will beautifully sit on the wearer’s wrist without looking bulky and over the top. Simple yet personal.

The DWA Collection

DWA (pronounced dua) is a range of double row minimalist diamond rings that look like two rings stacked together. Offering trendy and modern designs at accessible price points, the collection appeals to fashion-forward young adults on the hunt for their entry, investment pieces.

Adore Collection



Each piece under the Adore collection has a larger central diamond that is set lower than the surrounding diamonds, to anchor it in place.

Polaris Collection

Named after the brightest star, the North Star, Polaris channels a large solitaire round cut diamond, the poignant pieces here feature a sizeable central diamond surrounded by smaller brilliant cut diamonds, all sturdily held in place by shared prongs.

This year, the homegrown jeweller is also hoping to provide customers a full insight into diamond knowledge that is in line with its theme – Edutainment. Diamonds are essentially valued based on the 4Cs; Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Not sure what to look out for? Here’s a better understanding on a diamond’s value and worth:

1. Colour – A diamond’s colour grading refers to the absence or presence of colour. It is graded from D to Z, D being completely colourless to Z being lightly tinted that is easy to see by eye.

2. Cut – The cut refers to the overall measurement and light performance of the diamond. A Triple Excellent cut is recommended for better light return.

3. Clarity – The clarity refers to the absence or presence of inclusions inside the diamond. Inclusions do not necessary make a diamond less desirable – think of it as your own unique blueprint. No two diamonds share the same inclusion pattern.

4. Carat – the weight of the diamond where 1 carat equals to 0.2 grams.

Hopefully you’ve learned something new about diamonds today ;)

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