Due to nationwide lockdowns, more singletons than ever have turned to dating apps to seek a partner, often resorting to dodgy pick-up lines and dreadful jokes in the hopes of scoring themselves a date.

But which one gives you the best chance of receiving a swipe right? Fortunately, ManySpins.com have done the research so you don’t have to! Using Tinder, they created identical profiles with different pick-up lines in each bio to see which has the highest success rate.

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In the hopes of digging deeper and finding out why some pick-up lines are more effective than others, Manyspins.com surveyed 4,320 people to uncover their views. When asked ‘Do you like pick-up lines?’, 86% of participants said that they do and only 14% disagreed.


This just goes to show that your dating success is down to your choice of pick-up line after  92% of participants agreed that the wrong pick-up line can be enough to put them off someone and swipe left, so what kind of pick-up lines do we prefer?

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Interested in digging deeper, they asked participants what kind of pick-up lines they are most likely to swipe right on and receive the following response:

  • Cheesy / corny (77%)
  • Romantic (71%)
  • Funny (62%)
  • Straightforward (56%)
  • Dirty (34%)

Taking a range of pickup lines that fit into these different categories, Manyspins.com took to Tinder to see which is most likely get you a response.

Pick-Up Lines Pick-Up Lines

4,320 people aged 18-65 were surveyed on their pick-up line opinions to help further explain why some were more effective than others in the study.

Article provided by Manyspins.com.

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