Since the brand new Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) opened its pre-orders in Malaysia back in November, many game freaks have been eager to get their hands on the item.

Recently, a Facebook user named Abang Srikk II shared (on the group PS5 Malaysia Gang) that he’s re-selling his PS5 for a whopping price starting at RM6,000! The price includes the console, a controller and three video game CDs.

For those who don’t know, the official price of the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Version in Malaysia costs RM1,869, while the version with a Ultra HD Blu-ray drive is priced at RM2,299. Additionally, the wireless controller is available for ~RM349.

So what prompted this fella to let go of his “beloved” PS5 console? According to him, he wanted to use the money from selling his PS5 to pay his house deposit. “I bought it back on 12th December and I only played it a few times. But I had to sell this item so that I can pay my house deposit,” the netizen expressed.

The reseller’s Facebook post was also reshared on Twitter by a user known as @bartbhrdn, which has in turn received quite the attention online. In this case, a lot of them argued that it’s ridiculous for Abang Srikk to be reselling his PS5 way higher than the actual cost.

Take a look at some of the reactions here:


Source: Twitter

Then again, it’s up to the person if someone is willing to fork out that much cash.


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