A short video showing a Malaysian man teaching his foreign wife on how to speak Malay went viral on Twitter this week.

The husband, named Logesh Kumaar, came up with the “24 Hours Bahasa Melayu” challenge for his wife, Rachel. He also posted a YouTube video of the entertaining session on their joint YouTube channel.

Interestingly, Rachel also took part in the challenge by trying to speak the language while trying to understand what Logesh was saying as much as she could. One particular scene that managed to catch the attention of netizens would be the one where Logesh tried to explain the word “kura-kura” (turtle) to his wife numerous times.

Rachel later said, “I’m so ready for this to be over, I miss talking to my husband (in English).” Logesh then came up with other example of animals, namely dogs and cows to help her understand the word. Rachel finally got through the whole sentence after a few attempts. “I just imagine right now all the Malaysians watching this and yelling at their screens,” she remarked.

Many commentators were entertained by the video. A lot of them praised Logesh for being very patient in teaching Rachel how to speak Malay. Not only that, others also expressed their amazement towards Logesh for sticking to his Malaysian roots, despite living in the States. Check out some of the comments that we got from Twitter here:


Enjoy the light-hearted video here:

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