Security guard S Ganesh and his wife, Parameswari, along with their three kids, or better known as the Proton Iswara family, have been receiving quite an immense amount of attention from netizens since last week.

For those in the dark, the family of five had been living in their rusty Proton Iswara for the past eight months, after their house located in Carnarvon Street, Penang was destroyed in a fire incident back on 6th April.

Source: NST

The hardship didn’t last long, thankfully. Just one day after Christmas Day (Saturday, 26th December), Malay Mail Online (MMO) revealed that Ganesh and his family were given a housing unit at a People’s Housing Project (PPR). The good news didn’t stop there! The family will also receive monthly financial assistance.


However, Ganesh had requested for everyone to stop sending any more donations in cash and kind. For what reason you ask? According to the 34-year-old, he had finally gotten what he wanted, which is a roof over their heads for shelter. “With the PPR unit given to us, we humbly request everyone to stop sending any more donations to my family and me,” he told the publication.

Source: Kosmo

Previously, it was reported that when Ganesh and his family ran out of money and food, they were forced to feed their baby with coffee and warm water, while their other two children ate biscuits. With only RM1,200 salary a month, most of the money were used to buy disposable diapers, petrol and also to cover for car maintenance fees.

Sources: NST, MMO.

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