Many fans (including us) have been blown away by Lee Si Young (이시영)’s chiseled physique in Netflix’s latest original K-drama series “Sweet Home” (스위트홈)! For those who don’t know, she plays the character Seo Yi Kyung, a special force unit firefighter where she’s required to perform challenging action scenes.

During an online interview with the foreign press, the actress, who is also a former amateur boxer, dished on the process of building her muscle as well as how she prepared for those action-packed scenes in the 10-episode horror TV series.

Source: Netflix

“No one told me how much body fat to shed, but my personal trainer said I need to have 8% to 9% of fat for my muscles to show, so I started working out with that mindset. I had to bulk up, and I also ate a lot to the point that I couldn’t eat anymore. Then, I adjusted my diet for the filming,” Si Young shared.


“I started to restrict my diet really strictly for two weeks. It was really hard during those two weeks,” the 38-year-old actress further added. “Since I’m not young anymore, I want to try as many action scenes as I possibly can. I’m very thankful that I was given this opportunity and I want to really show fans my improvement if I’m given another chance to star in an an action film in the future.”

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Have you been enjoying Netflix’s “Sweet Home” so far?

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