If you are in your mid-20s and above, you might have heard of the name Aman Shah before.

The story of the former bank officer’s involvement in the criminal breach of trust caused a massive stir among Malaysians back in 1990. It’s no surprise that even to this day, many people are still buzzing about it.

Aman Shah
Source: Iluminasi

Known as the notorious “1-cent thief”, Aman Shah recently made an appearance in an interview with Utusan Malaysia. The session with the 54-year-old tech expert was divided into two parts. In the first article titled “Sistem Bank Malaysia Tidak Selamat (Malaysian Bank System Is Not Safe), Aman Shah gave his two cents on the security of the banking system in the country.


Among the topics discussed by Aman Shah during the chat include the weakness of the local banking system, which allows hackers to bypass it. Additionally, he also touched on the system used by some banks in Malaysia. As pointed out by the accounting graduate, most of them have been copying and pasting the system from the previous ones.

In the second part of the interview, Aman Shah talked more about the aforementioned copy and paste system. “This is the first time I’m sharing this story with everyone. Throughout the 30 years since 1990, people have been meeting me and asking about the incident, but I ignored them. Now, you guys are the first ones to hear about this,” he wrote, shedding some light on his infamous crime.

Aman Shah
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Based on our checking, the first interview is accessible to the public and is not restricted to registered subscribers of the publication only. While for the second piece, readers are required to log in to their Utusan Digital account.

Sources: Utusan Malaysia (1)(2), Iluminasi.

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