This is definitely not cool, y’all!

In an incident that happened in Paco district in Manila, Philippines, a total of 16 food delivery riders found themselves pranked by a non-existent fake customer when all of them delivered the ordered meals to the same home address.


The incident became the talk of the town among netizens after the guy who received all the food orders, Vladimir Cuevas, shared the incident on his Facebook account. Speaking to Coconuts Manila, the 25-year-old said the delivery was worth up to USD$ 39.00 (RM157.00) and the orders came from different fast food chains.

Cuevas also suspected that he might have become the target of those who enjoy pranking delivery food riders. According to Cuevas, it is unlikely for him to receive food from so many riders at his home, as he did not use the FoodPanda app that day and the service itself wasn’t facing any disruption at that time.

Source: VOCKET

Through a receipt displayed by one of the riders, the order came from two users – Triple X and Keisha Ann Bernabe. Feeling sorry for the delivery men, Cuevas ended up paying four of the riders and took the food they brought, while his neighbours paid for the food from the rest of them.

Source: Coconuts Manila.

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