An activist, who is also an independent preacher, known as Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi took to his Facebook page to talk about the issue of obscene advertising billboards placed in public.

The netizen recently uploaded a photo of a billboard ad of a soap where the caption hinted at a double meaning related to sex.


“Masturbating is also synonymous with (Malay) slangs such ‘menyabun’, ‘toceng’ and ‘melancap’. Obscenity is normalised not only on social media, but also on the sidewalk. I wonder how billboard ads like this was approved. What do you think the founder of this product had in mind?” Akhi Fairuz questioned.

In another social media update, he also came across another billboard of a traditional health supplement, known as Cowpex, which was located at the exit of the Gombak toll plaza. As stated by Akhi Fairuz himself, the word came from the Malay slang kopek, which means boobs.

Following this, the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) has responded to the complaint by taking the billboard down. “This is not a victory, but a start.” Akhi Fairuz remarkedIn regards to the billboard ads, he stated that the authorities ultimately have the final say on its approval.

The one thing that I want to highlight is to fight against any normalisation of obscenity that exists in the real world and on social media as much as possible,” the outspoken Facebook user added in his post. Check out what he said here:

Last year, a billboard which advertises an app called Sugarbooks was met with massive backlash from social media users. More on that here.

Source: Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi.

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