Mainland is bringing us naturally-aged fine cheese all the way from the land of endless pastures and abundant sunshine, New Zealand. With Mainland’s wide variety of high quality products, food lovers can now find the perfect cheese to pair with any meal. 

Whether you want some cheese in your burger, pasta, pizza, or even your Asian favourites like Hong Kong style cheese-baked rice, cheese naan and banana cheese fritters, Mainland cheese is what you need to make your meal extra delicious. 


Mainland’s exquisite cheese variety, which includes Vintage, Tasty, Colby, Gouda, and Edam, allows Malaysians to explore the world of fine dairy. While all these cheesy delights can be explored on its own or paired with a choice food or beverage, each one has its own distinct character and flavour that is sure to tingle your tastebuds in unique ways. 

  • Vintage 

For example, Vintage is Mainland’s premium cheddar that’s hard and crumby in texture with a savoury taste. As it’s good up to 24 months, this cheese gives it a sharp and rich flavour with a strong bite. Vintage has a sweet and smoky flavour that works best with burgers, cheese dips, pastas, beef or chicken meat jerky.

Other dishes from the Asian cuisine that also go well with Vintage include Bak Kwa and Bracken Pickles. The cheddar’s strong taste also makes it great to just on its own for a bold burst of dairy goodness on the tongue.

  • Tasty 

Tasty is another cheddar aged up to 18 months to create a full-bodied flavour with lingering fruitiness. The Tasty cheddar is comparatively softer than the Vintage cheddar, and it has a slight hint of acidity. 

Tasty is a trusted favourite on cheese boards and is outstanding in baking and grilling. This cheese also pairs well with the savoury notes of chicken floss (serunding) and crispy dried seaweed.

  • Colby 


Colby is an old-school cheese that has been crafted the same way for over 70 years. It is soft, moist and mild. Colby’s creaminess and soft texture makes it melt in your mouth while melting any cheese lover’s heart. Colby is a vegetarian-friendly and all-purpose cheese that can be enjoyed in many ways.

As Colby melts well, it is ideal for grilling and toppings. Colby is also a strong contender for being best mates with Asian cuisines, and goes wonderfully with kimchi, spicy vegetable pickles and spiced nuts.

  • Gouda

Gouda is a Dutch-style semi-soft cheese made with full-cream milk. It is a smooth, creamy and sweet cheese that pairs well with nutty, spicy or acidic companions.

It’s sweet flavour pairs well with fresh fruits, such as plums, cherries, figs, peaches and berries. It also combines well with bold and spicy flavours, making it an ideal companion to toasted Sichuan spice, traditional chilli, and mushroom salads. 

  • Edam

Edam is comparatively one of the more healthier cheeses, as it is high in protein, with reduced fat, and is ideal for vegetarians. It is sweet, buttery and nutty, which lends complex savoury notes to sweet and sour Asian dishes or sauces.

Edam browns well, making it a golden match for grilling, baking and toasting a delicious cheese sandwich. It’s nutty flavours also go well in soups, sauces and dips.

Mainland cheese is also rich in beta-carotene, which is a pre-cursor for Vitamin A. As the cheese is made in the lush landscapes of New Zealand, the fresh plant food consumed by grass-fed cows act as a rich source of beta-carotene. This goes on to ensure that Mainland cheese is not only versatile and delicious, but also nutritional.  

“We understand that it is the little things that make all the difference and that good things take time, which is why we never give in to the temptation to rush. We believe that only care and attention deliver the best results,” says Debbie Van-Niekerk, cheese expert from Fonterra New Zealand.

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