Weddings are supposed to be a wonderful time for everyone to gather and celebrate the newlyweds. Well, things turned unexpectedly sour for a bride from Lombok, Indonesia.

In a TikTok clip that went viral on social media earlier this week, the bride, known as Aolina Alfia Lestari, went hysterical after noticing her former lover up at her wedding. The man, known as Adrian Hidayat, had reportedly attended the wedding to congratulate the couple.

Source: TikTok

Hidayat was also shown walking up to the bridal dais to meet the newlyweds in person. After witnessing that, the guests started cheering loudly, realising that Dayat was the bride’s ex-boyfriend. He was also seen hugging the groom, as his ex-GF was visibly shaking, unable to control her emotions.


After the bride’s family realised what was happening, they immediately brought Hidayat down from the bridal dais and tried to calm her down. However, it appeared that the bride couldn’t hold back from sobbing profusely before she ended up passing out on the couch.

Source: Tribun News

Following the unexpected commotion, Dayat clarified to Kompas that he didn’t attend the ceremony uninvited. He was, in fact, invited by the couple themselves! “I came because of the invitation, and I appreciate it. I was there with the bride’s family,” he told the news outlet. For those wondering, the former flames had dated for two years.

Dayat then clarified that he had no intention to cause trouble, but instead, wanted to have a good relationship with his former partner and her husband. “I came to the wedding with good intentions. I was willing to travel from West Lombok all the way to the eastern side of Lombok to wish them happiness,” he said.

It still did not explain why the bride was overwhelmed with emotion. Perhaps she wasn’t expecting to see him, despite sending out the invitation? But if you’re curious, feel free to watch the whole commotion here:

What would be your reaction if your ex showed up at your wedding?


Sources: Harian Metro, Kompas.

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