It’s not uncommon to watch incestuous relationships onscreen (“Game of Thrones”, “Savage Grace”), but it’s shocking to hear it happening in your neighbourhood.

Earlier today (Wednesday, 9th December), China Press reported that a brother was suspected of raping his younger sister. Both of them are minors residing in Klang Valley.

Photo for illustration only. (Source: Google Images)

According to the Chinese publication, the suspected rape case was brought to light after the mother noticed that her daughter’s belly had been growing larger over the past few months. After taking her to a clinic for an inspection, the doctor confirmed that the young girl was 7 months pregnant.


The 39-year-old mother discovered about her daughter’s surprising pregnancy last month. The doctor on duty suspected that the 13-year-old teenager was raped by her biological brother (who is 14-years-old).

Photo for illustration only. (Source: Google Images)

It is understood that the police are currently investigating this case.

Source: China Press.

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