Do you remember that one commercial where Wan Maimunah’s jewelleries were snatched by a thief?

Just so you know, the man who played the “snatch thief” recently expressed the overwhelming feeling after finding out that his acting is still remembered by many.

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Mohd Uzreen Mohd Kassim, 39, acted alongside Wan Maimunah in a community service advertisement about being vigilant of one’s personal belongings. Even though the commercial was aired 14 years ago, it suddenly rose back to popularity when netizens started sharing it on social media, with some even turning it into memes.


While talking to Harian Metro, Uzreen said, “I’m touched because the commercial is still remembered until now, (even though) it’s no longer shown on television anymore.” According to him, he didn’t have any acting experience prior to the commercial, but took the job due to being unemployed at that moment.

Source: Harian Metro

“I was offered to act by a friend of mine who worked at The National Film Department of Malaysia (FNM), and I was surprised because the offer came spontaneously, despite me not having any experience in acting. I thought I’d give it a try, even though (acting) seemed awkward and hard to do,” stated Uzreen.

One of the main reasons he felt nervous was due to the fact that he was performing alongside veteran actress, Wan Maimunah, who he refers to as “Ibu” (mother). However, he recalled, “Ibu is generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge, and she even taught me how to bring the ‘snatcher’ role on the filming set.”

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Uzreen told the news publication that he came across a statement from the veteran actress who expressed the desire to meet up with him again. He stated, “I received a call from Ibu’s adopted child who wanted to set a meeting after the story was published on news portals and social media sites. However, it is understood that Ibu currently has health problems.”

He went on to say, “That (offer) was the first and last time I acted but the impact of the video remains popular, especially after it went viral around social media a few months ago.” The one-time actor currently works as a lorry driver, and is a father to a single child.

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When asked about how he feels about his face being used as memes online, he responded, “Obviously I was mad at first, but I supposed it was for entertainment (purposes) catered to the followers of the website.”

Imagine acting once, and waking up as a meme 14 years later. This man is definitely a legend.

Sources: Harian Metro, Si Rashid’s Facebook.

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