Dato’ Aliff Syukri is shedding some light on his latest controversy with a girl known as Wani Comel (full name Nurul Airawani Nazira Ibrahim).

Last week, Wani came up with a shocking revelation that she was ill-treated by the celebrity entrepreneur after the latter promised to help the poor girl on improving her health. She also claimed that Aliff has denied her rights as an ambassador for his company’s slimming products.


In a press conference held on Monday (7th December), Aliff came forth to deny all the claims made by the 23-year-old. “I have never promised her the moon and the stars. I didn’t say that I want to provide her a house, a car or even my wealth. She is not my wife, and she’s not my parent. Anyone out there can look at her requests and know that it’s ludicrous,” Aliff clarified.

He continued, “I only offered to helped Wani, and not the rest of her family. They have arms and legs, and are able to walk. For several months, I’ve spent hundreds of ringgits on coaching services, accommodation and also her supplements. I even assigned a chef to take care of her special diet.”

Source: Instagram

The “Cuba Bahagia” singer further added, “Even with my help, she’d often sneak out and buy food outside without my knowledge. As you can see, Wani is not just an ordinary oversized person, she is ‘super-sized’. My intention was just to help her get back on her feet so that she can be independent.”

Aliff also understands that many people out there have been badly affected financially, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having said that, people shouldn’t resort to a “short cut” by begging for money as if they were entitled. “Find a job, you have arms and legs that work. Keep in mind that I’m not a welfare centre,” he told the press.

To get the full scope on this issue, feel free to watch the full media conference as well as mStar’s previous interview with Wani here:

Sources: Gempak, Malaysia Gazette.

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