Hotel guests aren’t easy to deal with sometimes. Recently, a hotel employee from Taiwan shared a disturbing story that occurred at the place she works at.

In a Facebook group that is known for breaking news, the Taiwanese woman recalled her horrific reaction when cleaning a hotel room a few days ago.

Source: Facebook

The employee was shock to discover that the bed sheets not only had bloodstains on it but also traces of suspected poop. In her post, the lady couldn’t make sense of what had happened. When probed further, the employee explained that the couple who stayed there probably had anal sex while the woman was on her period.


The cleaner also commented that no one would want to sleep in that particular bed after what had transpired. As a result, the hotel room had to be disinfected and the bed sheets replaced. It amounted to 10,000 Taiwan dollars (~RM1438). However, the guests only offered to compensate 2000 Taiwan dollars (~RM288).

Source: DimSum Daily

Many netizens questioned how did the couple manage to sleep in that mess. Your guess is as good as ours…

Source: China Press.

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