A female fitness instructor from Kuantan accidentally got her peers and students worried after she tested positive for Covid-19.

The instructor-in-question recently took it to her social media to apologise to everyone for causing worry about a potential new “Zumba Cluster” group.

Source: Facebook

In her Facebook post, the “Fitness Fit Studio” owner begged for forgiveness from her trainees, coaches and other related groups within the fitness centre for contacting the virus. She said, “This is beyond our expectation and control. Hopefully, everyone can stay calm and positive.”


“To all my Zumba students and fellow instructors, I need your support and encouragement to stay strong. I’m sorry if I had caused inconvenience to anyone. If I could see the virus with my bare eyes, I would’ve stayed at home and remained there,” she wrote in her lengthy statement.

Source: China Press
Source: Facebook

Nevertheless, she also informed everyone that the fitness studio has been disinfected. In the post, she uploaded photos and videos of the sanitisation works taking place at the premise as proof.

Earlier today (7th December), the Zumba instructor uploaded another post on Facebook to share some updates about her well-being. It turns out that it was a false alarm and she was negative after all. She said, “I would like to tell all my friends that I am fine. I’m healthy and clear from the virus, Alhamdulillah!”

Kuantan, which is doing pretty well in terms of handling Covid-19, could’ve had a bad turn if her test result had turned out positive. Nonetheless, we’re glad that everyone is okay!

Source: ChinaPress, Zin Mila’s Facebook.

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