Nabil Mahir has clarified that he is not on Tinder.

Using the name Hanz, the alleged internet troll has been using an image of Nabil against the backdrop of a mosque as a display photo to catfish women.

Source: BeautifulNara

Seemingly dismayed by this, he urged his followers to take immediate action against the individual if they come across the fake profile. “This is not Hanz, but (a) Hanjing (doggo) who used my photo in front of a mosque on Tinder. Please report if you come across this account. Thank you,” the former “H Live” host wrote on his Instagram Story update over the weekend.


Nabil’s beloved partner, Ayda Jebat, was also seen reposting the same message on her Instagram account, saying, “Anyone who is on Tinder, please report the account. @nabilmahir doesn’t have a Tinder account, he’s only ‘Ting Tong’ (crazy).” 

Source: Media Hiburan

Hopefully Nabil’s explanation helps. Keep your eye on all the fake profiles of your favourite celebs lurking on your timeline, guys!

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