Fans were over the moon after Siti Nurhaliza officially confirmed that she is expecting her second baby. Prior to this, the iconic songstress has been tight lipped about the bun in the oven.

After rumours about her second pregnancy came to light this week, many Malaysians showered Siti with warm prayers and congratulatory messages. However, one particular comment from a female netizen angered fans and netizens alike.

Source: Twitter

In the photo posted by Twitter user @IniAlannn, a Facebook user known as Nur Izzati left a pretty rude comment that read, “Try the original (procedure), TokTi, there’s no need to do IVF. If you’re already pregnant, congrats. Last time, you also conceived Aafiyah through IVF, right?” 


Many fans didn’t take the harsh remark lightly, as a lot of loyal supporters of the “7 Nasihat” singer are aware about her past struggles to get pregnant. In response, a lot of netizens took to the replies section to bash the lady over her insensitive remark. Not only that, netizens were also shocked and disappointed in knowing that the rude comment came from a woman!

Check out some of the replies left by local netizens here:

Nur Izzati’s page is currently nowhere to be found, after facing the wrath of keyboard warriors on social media.

Source: Lobak Merah.

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