Have you ever ended up with more than one Foodpanda delivery bringing the same meal  due to technical issues with the app?

Well, one Filipino girl found herself in a sticky situation after 42 Foodpanda riders showed up bringing the same order because of her slow internet connection.

Source: Facebook

It was reported that the 7-year-old girl from Cebu repeatedly mashed on the “order” button as she kept getting an error when trying to put an order for two boxes of McDonald’s chicken fillets with fries for herself and her grandmother. After dozens of taps later, the order finally got processed, however, the app went through along with the previous ones as well.


As the alley outside of the child’s house started to fill with a large group of Foodpanda riders, each carrying two boxes of chicken fillets with fries, Facebook user Dann Kayne Suarez went out of his way to record a live broadcast of the scene via Facebook Live. The user also shared photos of the unusual incident which may stir anxiety for some viewers.

Source: Facebook

“The child cried,” stated Suarez while talking with SunStar. He added,  “I pity her because she did not know what had happened.” Feeling bad for the child, Suarez rushed to her aid by buying the boxes of chicken from the distressed riders while getting others to help as well. They tried to purchase all of the boxes but some of the riders already left to get on with their next delivery.

According to AsiaOne, the girl would have to pay a total of 7,938 pesos (RM672.46) for all the orders, compared to a mere 189 pesos (RM16.03) for her original order of chicken fillet. Suarez mentioned that the girl learned to use the app through her parents in order to help her get food for herself and her grandmother while the parents were off at work.

Source: Facebook

The streets finally cleared up of the riders by the end of the video, and the alleyway seemed to be way more peaceful compared to a few minutes ago.

Check out the video below:

Sources: AsiaOne, SunStar, Facebook.

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