Infamous celebrity preacher Aiman Banna is known for attracting criticism around social media for his questionable actions.

This time, the 24-year-old got slammed by netizens after receiving a donation from a “broke” student for his own personal aid fund.


For context, the religious author previously got kicked out from his own office, where he kept his stocks of books, for allegedly being unable to pay rent for 7 months. The infamous preacher took the initiative to clear out his stocks, which he kept at his house, by opening a crowdfund where people could either get the books for RM10 each or to have the books endowed for the same amount.

However, Aiman recently invited criticism from netizens after he took to his Twitter to share about a RM20 donation he received from a student who only had RM71 left in his bank account. He stated in the tweet, “A sincere RM20 from someone like them is very honourable in the sight of Allah, compared to a donation of RM2,000 from a rich millionaire.”

Aiman Banna
Source: Twitter

Netizens were outraged by this tweet as they felt that the infamous preacher shouldn’t have accepted the money, considering the other person’s situation. They also called out on the fact that he loves to flaunt around his “RM850 AirPods” on social media, which says a lot about his wealth.

They went on to accuse him of being a “penunggang agama” or a spiritual opportunist, a term used on a person who exploits spiritual ideas for their own personal gain or motives. Check out what netizens thought about the situation below:

What do you think of Aiman Banna and his actions?

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