Are you waiting for 2020 to just end already? Yeah, same.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the start of this decade has been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. During this same time last year, we simply could not wait for the much anticipated new year to give us the “2020 vision”. Now, all we’re waiting for is 2020 to end and for 2021 to finally begin!

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We all feel the same way about ending this year and welcoming a new (and hopefully improved) year into our lives. However, not all of us are preparing for it in the same way. While we were all put into similar boats this year, each person still expects different things from their “New Year, New Me” goals.


So, with that in mind, let’s find out what types of people are getting ready for 2021:

1. The Covid-19 Cinderellas

Are we the only ones who have been hearing way too many people say something along the lines of, “waiting for 2021 so Covid-19 can finally end”? Did the Covid-19 pandemic issue an expiry date that we have no idea about? Why do some think that the Covid-19 pandemic will vanish when the clock strikes at 12am on 1st January 2021? Seriously, which version of the Cinderella story is this?!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers to these questions, but we can guarantee that the people who do believe this will happen are ready to celebrate their New Year’s Eve parties by pouring their sanitisers down the toilet and dumping their masks in a bin.

However, we really really REALLY insist that you don’t do this – at least not right now. Covid-19 unfortunately does not look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, so you better hang on tightly to those essentials!

2. The Travel Addict Club Members 

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If we did a survey on what was the most popular throwback post this year, we can pretty confidently assume that it would be holiday photos from 2019. All people have been doing during the 2020 quarantine period is thinking about the holidays they enjoyed last year, while also wishfully planning every detail for the holidays they can enjoy in 2021.


So, thanks to all the travel restrictions, holiday deprived travel-holics are stuck at home and counting the days until they can fly, hike and swim into 2021 with their passports in hand! And we don’t blame them – after surviving through all this 2020 stress, a holiday sounds like a brilliant idea.

3. The Happy Home A-Loners 

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Did you get too comfortable with the 2020 lifestyle? Are you used to constantly being alone, attending business meetings without any pants on and declining every invitation to any social gathering?

Well, you’re not alone on that one. While we all definitely want the pandemic to end, there’s quite a number of us that will truly miss the “quarantine and chill” times that came with 2020. Just the thought of having to dress up, go out and actually socialise is already making us dread what the new year could hold.

So, it comes as no surprise when these home bodies are getting ready for 2021 by drowning themselves in as much of the new normal as they can. It’s all about eat, sleep, work and repeat (from home) this NYE!

4. The Back To School Parents 

If there’s one thing that any parent is hoping for in the coming year, it’s sending their kids back to school! Working from home already has its own challenges, and parents have to additionally manage both parenting and schooling their kids from home in the middle of all this as well.

During quarantine, parents need to log into their own zoom meetings, check if their kids have logged into their zoom classes, and also make sure their house doesn’t burn to the ground – all at the same time. It’s not easy juggling so many things under one roof, and that’s why most parents are already getting ready to send their kids back to school. They got the school bags packed, the uniforms ironed and the lunch boxes ready for a “Back to School” reunion in 2021.

If there’ anyone that’s NOT too cool for school, it’s a parent under lockdown.

5. The Social Butterflies

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These are the complete opposites of the Happy Home A-loners. These people claim to have had the WORST times during the Covid-19 pandemic – their words, not ours. Being stuck at home, behind a mask or inside a screen is not how they want to be living their lives and definitely not how they wanted to live out the whole of 2020.

These social butterflies are getting ready for 2021 by planning their outfits for events that haven’t even been scheduled. They are ready to party and all they’re waiting for is the party to start! Crowded dance floors, group hugs and zero social distancing – here come the social butterflies.

6. The Gym Freaks

Source: Wall Street Journal

Gym lovers have been deprived of carrying out their usual fitness routines due to the movement control order temporarily closing down gyms. From having a fully equipped gym for all your fitness needs, to being stuck at home with a yoga mat isn’t the easiest transition for most.

Now, with the hopes of a Covid-19 vaccine being introduced in 2021, these fitness lovers are ready to get their gym freaks back on when social distancing regulations finally end. Gym freaks are carrying a “six-pack coming soon” sign and running into 2021  – because they got to keep that motivation high and get that cardio in while they can!

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Some are excited, some are dreading it, and some may not have even realised that 2020 is coming to an end so soon. Well, it is 2020 after all, so who is not confused and a little all over the place, right?

This year has brought us all some additional chaos, and it looks like we’ll probably have no choice but to take it all with us into the new year as well. Nonetheless, whatever 2021 may have in store for us, we at Hype hope that you’ll make the best of it!

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