Confinement centres offer services and packages where a mother and her baby’s needs are taken care of. However, these services tend to be quite pricey.

A netizen who paid for the service of a 5-star confinement centre in Bukit Jalil wasn’t pleased with what she paid for, and vented out her disappointment with the food served.

Source: Facebook

A customer at the LYC Mother & Child Centre Bukit Jalil branch didn’t take it lightly when she was served hotdogs and plain bread, even though the place claimed that their meals are certified by nutritionists. Not long after, she went out of her way to make a public post on her Facebook page, stating her complaints against the award-winning confinement centre.


She said, “It never came across my mind that at LYC Mother & Child Centre Bukit Jalil branch 5-star confinement centre with Brand Award 2018, 2019, and claimed that their meals are certified by nutritionists will served HOTDOG and plain bread for teatime.” The new mum added that she had informed the operational manager about the issue, but it didn’t get any better as a few days later she was served with plain “mantau”.

Since it’s a highly-rated confinement centre, customers would be expecting a lot in ensuring they get served nutrient-dense food, considering they paid a huge sum to the centre. Unsurprisingly, she’s not the only one who felt cheated. Her Facebook contacts also questioned the centre and shared their disappointment.

Check out their comments below:

Source: Facebook

Source: Silviana Lim’s Facebook Page

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