Known for his kind virtues in helping the less fortunate, Ustaz Ebit Lew became the talk of the town again following his recent visit to Zoo Negara.

The pious figure took to his social media to express his sadness upon receiving a call for help by Zoo Negara to save the animals there.


According to him, “They allocate RM1 million a month just for food and Zoo maintenance. It has been several tough months with little to no income since the beginning of MCO. They are short on funds. So this evening, I immediately brought 200kgs of beef and 500kgs of fruits and vegetables there.”

“I used to come here when I was in Standard 1. I always bring my kids to visit the place and introduce them to the animals here. Zoo Negara welcomes anyone who is willing to help in terms of money or food. Apparently, the Zoo is run by NGOs only. Anyone who wants to help can directly contact them,” he wrote on the caption.

While many applauded Ustaz Ebit for his kind heart, many netizens were skeptical of the Zoo’s management in asking for his assistance. In this case, some of them brought up the issue about the funds collected by the zoo. Others also called out the government for not being responsible enough in tackling the issue.

Source: Facebook

In any case, the welfare and needs of animals at the national Zoo are very crucial, especially during the current MCO period. Instead of blasting other parties, it’s best that we also carry out our roles in lending a helping hand whenever possible. Every little bit helps.

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