When you’re living an opulent and lavish lifestyle, the last thing you would expect is for all that wealth to be taken away.

This is what happened to a man named Johari, who was once a millionaire but faced poverty in a blink of an eye – turning his life upside down.

Source: New Straits Times

Johari, who is now reported to be in his 50s, once lived a life that only a few could imagine. However, it all changed around 10 years ago when his business in the real-estate industry failed, forcing him and his family to be homeless for a year.


He said, “I used to earn millions of ringgit, took first class flights and stayed in 5-star hotels. But in a blink of an eye, Allah SWT tested me by taking it all away and I even had to wander the streets and begged for mercy from others.” 

Sources: Malay Mail / Daily Mirror.

The ex-millionaire went on to say that the death of his wife back in 2008 caused him to stall his progress even longer. It was a tough period for his family and he barely had enough money to afford their daily meals.

Even though it wasn’t the way anyone wanted to live their life, Johari stated that he takes it as a reminder from God and he is grateful that it happened before his death. Luckily, after going through all the hardship, he was offered a job by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) as a field coordinator for charity work.

Source: The Straits Times

Johari went on to say that his source of strength comes from his two children who are currently pursuing their university studies, which he is very grateful for. His daughter is currently studying architecture at a university in Paris, while his youngest child is studying at a local university.

Johari mentioned, “I now live in an inheritance house. I’m very much happy as whatever I do now gives a bigger meaning to me and my family.” He added, “Even though I no longer earn millions of ringgit, I am happy and grateful to be able to help the less fortunate, especially the homeless people.”

Source: FMT

Johari’s story teaches us to always be grateful. It also reminds us that in a blink of an eye it could all be taken away.

Source: Harian Metro

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