To all movie fans out there, we have some sad news as it’s time to say goodbye to cinemas until further notice.

The Malaysian Association of Film Exhibitors (MAFE) has made a definite decision to temporarily close all cinemas in Malaysia starting November.

Source: World Times News

During the month, cinemas will be progressively suspending movie screenings, along with concession operations at their locations. However, they will continue to monitor the situation and react accordingly once the market conditions improve.


MAFE said that the closure is a cohesive decision undertaken by the industry following the recent Control Movement Control Order (CMCO) in certain states, which requires cinemas to remain closed. Moreover, the lack of new movie releases in the nearest time, which is essential to attract cinemagoers, contributed to the decision.

Source: Yahoo News

It is stated that the cinema industry in Malaysia took a hard-hit due to the pandemic and suffered deep revenue losses with admissions dropping up to 90% year-on-year. Cinemas also had to invest heavily on safety SOPs to ensure strong compliance and safety for its customers while they enjoy movies on the big screen.

Vice President of MAFE Cheah Cun Wai said, “Whilst this decision was not easy, it is in response to an increasingly challenging landscape for cinemas, and as an industry we believe it to be a necessary step for the long term preservation of Malaysian cinemas, so we can continue our role of contributing to the social, economic, and cultural fabric of our nation in the long run.”

Source: Malay Mail

He added, “To all patrons of cinemas in Malaysia we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the unending support and solidarity thus far, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon, to once again share the magic of movies on the big screen.”

Following the announcement, both GSC and TGV have announced that they will temporarily cease all their cinema operations in Malaysia, from 2nd November onwards. At the same time, MBO Cinemas, which has already closed most of its cinemas, will proceed to close the remaining few that is still operating, starting next month.

Read their statements below:

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