Lauren Jauregui recently opened up about the “traumatising” rumours that surrounded her relationship with former bandmate, Camila Cabello.

Lauren and Camila were both previously part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, when rumours of the pair having an intimate relationship sparked. Fans would ship the duo together and this had made the “Lento” singer feel like a “predator” because she was bisexual and Camila was not.

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The Teen Choice Award winning singer appeared on an episode of “En La Sala with Becky G” on 28th October (Wednesday), where she spoke about these rumours and the toll it took on her.


“People thought Camila and I were, like, into each other and that made me so uncomfortable. Like, disgustingly uncomfortable,” revealed the 24-year-old singer. “Because I was queer, but she was not.”

“It made me feel like a predator because of the type of clips people would put together and the type of stories people would write and the type of stuff,” stated Lauren.

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Lauren goes on to explain how she was always seen as the one who was romantically pursuing Camila, even though it was just a “genuine friendship”.

“I was always the aggressor, and I was always the one turning her and I was always the one who was, like, the ‘masculine’ energy in the scenario. And it made me very uncomfortable because that’s not how I identify,” stated the “Expectations” star.

“And that’s not to say, that that’s wrong to identify like that….But I did not identify that way, and I also did not have that connection with her. We respected each other,” the pop star added. “We had love for each other, like genuine friendship, you know what I’m saying?

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The Miami native also stated that these rumours made her “so uncomfortable” that she still continues to “hyper-analyse every connection” she has made with a woman, since she doesn’t want to make them feel like she’s “looking at them that way”. 

“I wasn’t even comfortable telling myself that I was queer, you know?” stated Lauren. “And also, I didn’t see Camila that way, so it just made me uncomfortable that I could potentially be putting off that kind of vibe onto someone who I wasn’t trying to do that with.”

Lauren Jauregui
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Lauren continued to tell Becky G that she was uncomfortable to even publicly come out as she thought that it would make people believe the rumours about her and Camila dating.


However, Lauren later confirmed her sexuality when she penned an open letter to Donald Trump’s voters in 2016. A line from this letter reads, “I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it.”

Source: E! News.

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