Vivy Yusof has had enough of internet trolls who constantly shame and harass her on social media.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur recently took to her Instagram Stories to expose the negative remarks and insults she got through her personal DM.

Source: Prestige Hong Kong

Following the Celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday yesterday (29th October 2020), Vivy posted an Instagram story admiring Prophet Muhammad’s childhood. She stated, “His dad died when his mum was pregnant so he never met him. His mom died when he was small. Then his grandpa took him, he too died shortly. What a childhood.”


After that, she received a reply from a netizen who asked her sarcastically if she never knew about the Prophet’s past, to which she decided to expose it on her IG Story. She captioned, “I know, I studied Agama (Islamic studies) also. But wanted to share and remember. Some things need to be refreshed, like memories of our Prophet S.A.W.”

Vivy Yusof
Source: Vivy’s Instagram

That was just the tip of the iceberg. In Vivy’s following IG story, she posted another screenshot of a netizen throwing insults at her for not being empathetic. We’re not exactly sure of the context, but some of the remarks included the person referring to her as a “really mean f**ktard” and “a stupid mom.”

The FashionValet owner stated, “I get messages like this daily. Since years ago when I started FV. Sometimes I do worry about the mental health of our community. The anger, the hate they brew inside towards a stranger is pretty scary.” She went on to remind everyone to treat each other well and not to reply these kind of messages with more hate, but rather, “just say a doa (prayer) for both you and them.”

Source: Vivy’s Instagram

Someone commented on Twitter that although she isn’t a fan of Vivy, one shouldn’t go around wishing ill on others.

Source: Vivy’s IG.

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