When the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival was claimed to be the first-of-its-kind, they weren’t lying! From the time you log in to create a customised avatar, until your food arrives right to your doorstep, we assure you that the excitement of this new virtual experience will keep you on your toes throughout the festival.

Since we loved pretty much everything about the festival and couldn’t just pick one favourite feature, here are 10 things we enjoyed the most about this year’s Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival:

1. It’s virtual! 


Yes, not being able to go out in public and having to stay at home can be a headache. However, Tiger has taken this issue and created a solution that we simply can’t get enough of! The virtual festival showcases such a fun and interactive 3D experience that it’s almost as good as physically being there – some would even say it’s better.

2. You can create your own avatar

As you login to the virtual festival, patrons are allowed to choose their own avatar and customise their festive looks. From choosing a hairstyle to which stylish Tiger Beer outfit you want to don, patrons are given trendy options for their avatar’s appearance.

And the best part about these 3D avatars is that you can easily move them around to explore the virtual streets with the simple use of a mouse, arrow keys, or by swiping on your smartphone.

3. Interactive Experience at Street Food Central


Once entering the Street Food Festival patrons will be first placed at the Street Food Central, which is home to all the fun games and activities. Our favourite part about this virtual venue is that festival-goers can actually interact with each other and even roam around to admire the street art and other 3D effects, adding to the feel of being at a real-life festival.

4. Variety of Streets (aka locations)!

Tiger’s street food festival is available in three major areas, namely Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. These locations have been creatively categorised into three separate “streets” located inside the 3D virtual festival.

Each street showcases food stalls that are within that designated location, and offer a wide variety of dishes. Festival-goers can explore these restaurants by walking their avatars down these streets and clicking on a stall to browse and order dishes from its menu.

6. Your Favourite Meals Are Brought Right To The Doorstep 

After browsing through the array of restaurants and choosing the best dishes to satisfy your cravings, festival-goers can order the food directly to their doorstep thanks to the festival’s delivery partner, DeliverEat. When ordering the food you can also opt to add-on a Tiger Beer can to the mix – making it the perfect meal.

Nothing like sipping on a cold beer while tucking into some good food, right?!

7. Exciting Games!!!

Not going to lie – but the games are definitely one of then most fun features in this entire 3D experience. While having an avatar to explore a 3D street food festival is already unique, the addition of games makes this entire experience outstandingly different to the usual online food delivery norm.

So, when you join the virtual festival, do remember to join the Tiger Crystal Mountain Climber Challenge and the Tiger Beer Hunt. Each of these games are also hosted by Harvinth Skin and Lizz Chloe respectively.

8. Rewards, Rewards and More Rewards! 

The games are not there just for a good time, but also gives festival-goers the chance to win valuable rewards. The first 88 people to score 300 points on the Mountain Climber Challenge, and the first 100 people to collect eight bottles for the Tiger Beer Hunt will win promo codes for RM5 off on any F&B purchase. Also, if you invite your friends and get 5 successful registrations for the event, you’ll earn a free Tiger Crystal six-pack!

9. Rotating Vendor Line-up

One thing we love more than good food is endless choices of good food! There will be a total of 88 vendors throughout the four weekends of the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival. Some of these vendors are permanent fixtures, while there will also be a rotating vendor lineup that changes with each week. So, do make sure to check back every week to discover many other tasty dishes.

10. Happy Hour At The Drinkies Bar

Last but not least, another favourite feature of the festival were the drinks! It goes without saying that the main highlight of the entire event is the ability to sip on a cold Tiger beer delivered right to your home. So, if you came for the drinks, stop by the Drink Bar between 3pm and 5pm to unlock an additional Happy Hour promotion, earning you an RM30 discount on purchases of Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal above RM150.

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival

And here you have it. The top 10 highlights you’ll definitely enjoy at the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival. Are these enough reasons for you to join this one-of-a-kind virtual event? Who are we kidding, what more reasons would you need right?! 😉

The Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival launches at 11am on Friday, 6th November, and opens from 11am to 9pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 29th November. Find out more here.

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