Scha Alyahya caused quite a commotion among fans when she suddenly deactivated her Instagram account.

The fashion-forward celeb, who is currently expecting her second child with baby daddy, Awal Ashaari, left a cryptic message on her Instagram that reads, “I’ve had enough!” prior to deleting her social media account.

Source: IG via BeautifulNara

Many concerned fans soon bombarded Awal Ashaari’s Instagram with tons of questions to find out the real reason behind his wife’s sudden decision. In this case, speculations arose that Scha had deleted her account out of anger, referring to her final post. Apart from that, others claimed that Scha’s Instagram page might have been hacked.


A revelation previously made by Awal also came to light amid all the fan-made theories. The “Melodi” host stated that Scha has a strange temperament during her second pregnancy; She admitted to having severe allergies to anything related to social media. However, Awal has yet to shed some light on the current situation.

Check out what they said:


While the “Awan Dania” actress’ Instagram, which had accumulated a total of 5.4 million followers, is no longer around, Awal and their daughter Lara Alana’s social media accounts are still active.

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