Dua Lipa recently called out a British tabloid for publishing fake news about her. This tabloid accused the “New Rules” singer of “flouting” Covid-19 regulations during a music video rehearsal last week. However, Lipa later insisted that the report is “completely untrue”.

The 25-year-old singer recently wrote a statement on her Instagram story explaining that this is not the first time the tabloid had spread false stories about her. She also stated that her lawyers have sent a letter to this publication, as legal action will be taken regarding the issue.

Source: Variety

The Grammy award winner refused to name the publication in her Instagram story, as she did not want to give it “free publicity”. However, speculations have been made that Lipa was referring to the British newspaper The Sun.


This popular tabloid is said to have published an article last week showing images of the starlet not wearing a mask while in Shoreditch, London. The article also claimed that the police had been called to the video shoot as the pop star wasn’t social distancing.

“A tabloid newspaper in the UK (who I won’t give free publicity to by naming), last night published a story about my video shoot in London and what they said was a flouting of Covid regulations,” wrote Lipa on her Instagram story.

Source: ET Canada

She added, “This is completely untrue. absolutely all guidelines were complied with. This is one of many untrue stories published by this newspaper about me this year. My lawyers have sent a letter to the newspaper today.” 

She also accused British tabloids of giving priority to making money instead of reporting the truth and considering the person’s feelings. “It’s a shame that some of the British press have more regard for selling papers than the truth or the feelings of the person they are talking about,” wrote the disappointed singer-songwriter.

It has been reported that the tabloid has since removed this particular article after the “IDGAF” star made it a point to call them out.

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The young celeb called this action against tabloids spreading false stories as her “own small stand”. Her Instagram story concluded with the statement, “There have been far worse examples of this in the last year involving other British entertainment figures, but I am going to take my own small stand.”

The publication in question has still not publicly responded to Lipa’s comments.

Source: Just Jared.

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