Paramount Pictures is set to film the new movie “Cleopatra”, while actress Gal Gadot will be playing the role of the iconic Egyptian queen.

When we first found out this news, there were two factors that instantly grabbed our attention. One, the legendary story of Cleopatra is coming onscreen and two, Gal Gadot will be acting as the historic queen herself.

Source: The Times of Israel

However, while many are super excited for the first part and can’t wait to see this story replayed in modern times, the public’s sentiments towards Gadot being chosen to play the role of Cleopatra are mixed, to say the least.


Gadot is an Israeli actress, while Cleopatra is an Egyptian queen. This difference in ethnicity has raised a lot of confusion and disagreement on how appropriate is for the “Wonder Woman” actress to hold this role.

Since the making of the movie was recently announced, netizens have shared many posts criticising the casting choice. The topic is currently trending on Twitter with posts pointing out that Gadot is not Egyptian and does not resemble what Cleopatra is said to have looked like.

Take a look at some of these said tweets here:

Many keyboard warriors have been responding to these objections of casting Gadot by stating that Cleopatra wasn’t an Egyptian, but was actually Greek due to her ancestral lineage. However, counter-arguments to this counter-argument state the point that while Cleopatra’s ancestors were indeed from Greece, the Egyptian queen herself was born, bred and reigned in Egypt – definitely making her more Egyptian than European.

Gadot being an Israeli with a European background is thought to be unfit to play an Egyptian with a European background. Especially with the current political climate in Egypt and Israel, this issue seems to hit a nerve on multiple levels.

Nonetheless, as with anything on the internet, there are both yay-sayers and naysayers. And so, Gadot also has a few netizens of her own backing her up, claiming that the 35-year-old actress is quite suitable to take up this esteemed role.

So, what do you think? Is Gadot suitable to play one of the greatest rulers of ancient Egypt or is it actually whitewashing and ignorance, as claimed by the disapproving netizens?

We need a history lesson to solve this debate STAT!

Source: Complex.

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