Co-founder of the Singaporean eatery Beef Bro, Norvan Tan En Jie, went on trial for molesting and sexually assaulting his younger sister’s friend. The trial took place yesterday (29th September), with Tan being charged for two counts of sexual assault by penetration and two counts of outrage of modesty.

The offence is reported to have taken place the morning after Christmas Day, four years ago. Tan was 21-years-old at the time, while the victim was 19-years-old. The victim, now 23, cannot be named due to a gag order issued to protect her identity.

Source: TODAY

The victim had accompanied Tan, his sister and some other friends to a bar and nightclub on 25th December 2016. According to Mothership, the victim first drank a few glasses of beer at the bar and then consumed more alcohol at the nightclub. By 5am the victim is said to have felt intoxicated.


As they had previously agreed to spend the night at Tan’s flat, Tan’s sister booked a cab for them to go back home together. After arriving at Tan’s flat at around 5:42am, Tan’s sister had gone to Tan’s room to speak to her brother’s friend in private.

Source: Vulcan Post

While his sister was with his friend, Tan left the room and saw the victim vomiting in the toilet. According to the victim, a male individual entered the toilet and spoke to her. She was too drunk to respond, but she recognised the voice as Tan’s.

Tan had then lifted the victim and carried her to the couch. He then kissed the victim on her lips without her consent. According to court documents, the victim was unable to resist due to her intoxicated state.

Source: TODAY

Following this, Tan later carried the victim to his sister’s bedroom. Here, he touched the base of her breast under her t-shirt and inserted his finger into her vagina without her consent. The victim was still unable to resist due to her intoxicated state.

When the victim ran back to the toilet to vomit, Tan entered the toilet and attempted to penetrate her vagina from behind with his penis. The victim put up a struggle but failed due to her condition. Tan then penetrated her anus with his penis, before leaving her in the toilet alone.

Source: Vulcan Post

Following this, the victim had texted Tan’s sister multiple times in regard to the offence. Later, Tan’s sister told the victim that her brother admitted that he “fingered” her.

Forensic evidence showed that Tan’s semen was found on the back of the victim’s shirt, and the victim’s DNA was also found on the front and back of Tan’s underwear. A doctor from Changi General Hospital (CGH) will testify in court that Tan showed no evidence of erectile dysfunction.

A doctor from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Singapore will also testify to the victim’s physical impairment during the time of offence due to her alcohol intoxication. Additionally, the doctor will testify that the victim’s ability to give consent to any sexual advances was negatively affected at the time as well.

Source: TODAY

Tan is a Singaporean entrepreneur who has been known for getting into the business industry at a young age. He co-founded the Halal eatery, Beef Bro, with actor Danial Ashriq in 2018. He also ran a footwear business, Blackout SG, which sells customisable flip flops and sandals.

If convicted for sexual assault by penetration, Tan could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined or caned. If he’s found guilty of outrage of modesty, the 24-year-old entrepreneur could face a two-year jail term, fine, caning, or any combination of these penalties.

Source: Mothership.

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