Are you a sucker for all things cute? Get ready to go bananas with these new Minion Happy Meal toys!

Starting this week – Thursday (1st October) to be more exact – McDonald’s Malaysia will be kicking off the new month with the launch of a brand new Happy Meal collection.


It’s been teased online that our favourite yellow creatures are invading our local stores to infect everyone with their super cuteness. We can already hear the little Minions singing their Banana song from afar.

According to KL Foodie, the new Minion Happy Meal toys have a total of 35 variations, where 6 different designs will be released every week. Having said that, a lot of fans have their eyes set on the super rare Limited Edition Golden Minions! You’re going to need extra luck collecting the gold ones.

Take a look at the adorable collection below:

Take a look at the poster below to find out exactly which Minion toys are available each week. Good luck trying to collect all 35 of these cute creatures. Don’t forget, there are also exclusive golden minions up for grabs.

It’ll be a surprise when you order your Happy Meal via McDelivery, Drive-Thru or Takeaway. According to the fast food company, toys are given at random and no exchanges allowed.

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