Did you notice? Malaysians have been trending the hashtag #TetapNormal (still normal) on Twitter these past few days.

Apparently, the movement came as a response after the #TetapBangga (still proud) hashtag became a trending topic in Malaysia over the weekend.

For those who don’t know, the local LGBTQ community had been trending #TetapBangga, stating that they are proud of who they are, despite it being against the Islamic law. However, their opinion didn’t sit well with others out there, especially among Muslims.

A number of Malaysians soon trended the latter hashtag, pointing out that they don’t support the aforementioned movement in our country. As mentioned by a few netizens on Twitter, it is wrong to normalise such a lifestyle in our country. They also shared some non-governmental sectors that are willing to help the LGBTQ community repent.

Others also commented that what is haram (forbidden) is still considered illegal. Check out some of the tweets below:


However, their effort has in turn sparked quite an outrage among those in the liberal circle. Many took to Twitter to clap back at the haters for slamming their life choices. Some even called these conservative people out for being homophobic towards them.

Instead of trying to be self-righteous, shouldn’t we focus on spreading kindness?

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