Polygamy being illegal in Thailand isn’t a problem for politician and businessman Tambon Prasert, who is apparently married to 120 wives.

This might come as a surprise to most people but it isn’t a shock to his lovers as they all know each other and tolerate their husband’s decision.

Tambon Prasert
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According to Tribune, Tambon Prasert, 61, had to reveal his unusual lifestyle to reporters after they were tipped off anonymously. That’s when Tambon, head of Phromnee district, shared his story with the world.


Tambon admitted to having 120 wives, 28 sons and daughters, despite polygamy being punishable by law in Thailand. However, he shrugged off the speculation that he married all of those women in just a few years.

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Even though it didn’t happen in a short time, the politician did get an early start. Tambon recalled, “My first marriage was when I was 17. My first wife was 1-2 years younger than me and we had 3 children together. After that, I continued to marry more women. Most of them are young women and are in their 20s. I don’t like older women because they argue too much.”

As time went by, he started his own construction business; this is when he began to develop an unorthodox routine. Tambon mentioned, “I am a construction contractor. Whenever I build a house, I will get married there. I love all my wives and they all love me.” 

Tambon Prasert
Source: Tribune

Obviously, it’s unusual that 120 women are okay with sharing their husband. However, every time he takes in someone new, he would inform the new bride that he already has several wives, and would notify the others he is tying the knot again. He also goes out of his way to tell the person’s family and proceed with the wedding traditionally.

The businessman also claims that he has been fair in providing them with what they need; even building houses for his wives. “If they do not own a home, I would get some land and sort everything out for them, in order to keep them happy,” he explained.

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As for now, it is not known if the polygamist has face any major consequences for breaking Thailand’s polygamy law.

Source: Tribune

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