Finally, the long-term conflict between Sharnaaz Ahmad and Noor Nabila has officially reached an amicable solution!

Both Sharnaaz and Nabila have officially signed an agreement regarding the three claims surrounding their marital dispute, including the custody of their child, alimony, as well as the nusyuz application filed by the former against his ex-wife.

Source: mStar

During the proceedings, held at the Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Kuala Lumpur earlier today (Thursday, 17th September), Sharnaaz has agreed to pay alimony of iddah of RM500 for three months. Apart from that, he agreed to fork out RM1,200 alimony per month for their son, Jebat Jayden, in addition to withdrawing the nusyuz  (disobedient) application filed against Nabila.


The actor also agreed to give custody rights to Nabila, in accordance to the Islamic law. On the other hand, the elder sister to Neelofa has also agreed to set aside her mut’ah (pleasure) demands, with the exclusion of their house in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, which will now be transferred to her.

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In response to the court’s ruling, the entrepreneur told the press, “I am relieved that the divorce process and child custody rights are finally over. So, there is no need for me to come to court again. Because things like this consume a lot of energy and has affected me emotionally. God willing, today would be the last time I come here. Thank God, everything has been resolved well.”

As for Sharnaaz, the actor couldn’t contain his excitement knowing that both of them have finally reached a consensus. In speaking about their next plan, Sharnaaz said, “Our main priority now is Jebat. Although we are unable to continue our relationship as a married couple, we are still friends. I still want to continue to be a friend to her. If a fight occurs, the one who suffers is Jebat.”

We’re sincerely happy for them!

Source: mStar.

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