A motorcyclist died after hitting a cat on the road in an accident that happened earlier this morning (Friday, 28th August).

The tragic incident took place in front of the Baling District Office in Kedah. It was reported that the rider lost control before crashing into a vase placed at the side of the road.

Source: Facebook

As a result, the motorcyclist suffered injuries and passed away at the scene. Not only that, the accident unfortunately also took the life of the furry creature which was hit by the victim.


The photos uploaded by a Facebook page show the police and several onlookers gathering as the ambulance arrived at the scene. The victim’s dead body was covered with a piece of white cloth while the cat’s carcass was seen at the side of the road following the collision.

Source: Facebook

Many netizens took to the comments section to send their warm prayers and condolences to the deceased’s family members. Others also recounted their terrifying experience of being involved in a similar incident.

Source: Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis Facebook.

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