A fashion retail outlet in Singapore came under fire this week due to their strange rules enforced on the staffs working at the boutique.

This came after several former employees working for the clothing brand, Southaven, came forth to highlight the unusual punishments imposed on them.

Source: Shin Min Daily

According to an ex-staff at the boutique, Lin, she had to do up to 200 to 300 frog squats as a punishment after she failed to achieve target sales during the recent Chinese New Year season. Another former employee named Liu also claimed that she was forced to do the exercise between May and September last year. Additionally, others shared that they had to record a clip of themselves carrying out the punishment and send it to the company’s group chat.


Speaking of group chat, the boutique also allegedly created a group called “Fatty Club” online. The employees were forced to update their weight every week in the chatroom. It was also revealed that the company would often fine its workers every time they gain weight. Word has it that the retail company has been setting high beauty standards for its workers.

Source: SAYS

Several other allegations soon surfaced on social media following that. In this case, some claimed that they would be punished for applying too little perfume or make-up on themselves. Others revealed that they were only given a break of 20 minutes, instead of the usual one-hour long timeout.

That’s not all! A few individuals further claimed that they had to work 12 hours a day with only 4 days off in a month. The company has also been accused of fining S$1 (RM3.05) to the retail employees if the customer leaves the outlet without buying anything.

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In response, a Southaven spokesman named Zheng Jin Ta has denied the allegations. According to the fashion outlet’s rep, the team was not aware of such incidents happening at his premises. When asked about the 200 squats punishment, Zheng clarified that all of the rules and punishments were employee-led initiatives.

As for the “Fatty Club” group chat, Zheng explained that it was created to promote a healthy lifestyle among staffs. “None of the above rules were enforced. If they refused to do it, it will not affect their work,” Zheng told Shin Min Daily News.

Source: Facebook

Seemingly impacted by the massive backlash, the company ended up suspending its Facebook business account.

Source: Shin Min Daily.

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