The saying “Customers are always right” has often been a topic of debate among the public, especially when it comes to dealing with ill-mannered people.

Recently, a food delivery rider took to his Facebook to share his scary experience with a foul-mouthed customer who ordered food. However, he didn’t specifically mention exactly which delivery service app that the individual in question used.

Sources: Facebook, Google Image

In the screenshot, the customer ordered food to be delivered to his home. However, the rider was shock when he was met with harsh words as well as threats! Not only that, the customer also contacted him via texts, reminding him to deliver the food straight to their apartment unit.


The customer’s rude behaviour was met with massive criticism from netizens. Seemingly concerned with what the rider had went through, most of them suggested him to lodge a police report. Some also urged the victim to expose the troll’s identity online.

The issue caught the attention of other food delivery riders as well. According to them, food delivery workers should receive the same amount of respect as other jobs out there. Plus, they also felt that customers should not be arrogant and entitled, let alone behave rudely.

Although the matter may be funny for some, but according to netizens, such episodes should not be happening.

What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation?

Source: VOCKET.

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