A gunman has been trying to take out his revenge by killing Salman Khan. Despite carrying out the recce on the Bollywood superstar’s movements since January 2020, his plan failed.

According to reports, the Faridabad Police has since arrested 27-year-old Rahul as well as 4 others (Manish, Rohit, Ashish and Bharat) who have been assisting him.

Salman Khan
Source: Indian Express

During questioning, it has emerged that Rahul had travelled to Mumbai in January to conduct a recce for the murder of Salman Khan. He went to the actor’s house in Bandra for the purpose and stayed in the area for 2 days,” Rajesh Duggal, DCP (Headquarters) told the Indian Express.


It is believed that Rahul hails from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. As reportedly, the gangster intended to eliminate Salman Khan in revenge for causing the death of a blackbuck in Rajasthan several years ago.

Rahul conducted the recce on the directions of Bishnoi and later apprised him of the findings. However, they were unable to take their plan to the next stage because of the coronavirus outbreak,” DCP added.

Source: Google Images

The authorities have also shared that Rahul is a notorious gangster – who has killed at least 4 people so far. Since his arrest, security for Salman Khan has been tighten.

Sources: Murai, Mumbai Mirror.

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