Remember the person responsible for the Sivagangga cluster? A deputy public prosecutor has finally announced his punishment.

According to Bernama’s tweet, “the owner of the nasi kandar restaurant linked to the Sivagangga cluster is jailed five months and fined RM12,000“.

Here’s a timeline of the Covid-19 patient’s spread chain:

  • 13th July – Returned from India.
  • 28th July – Ignores home quarantine and visited his restaurant.
  • 28th July – Spreads the disease to his son and 4 workers.
  • 31st July – 2 customers from the restaurant contracted Covid-19.
  • 1st August – 60-year-old woman linked to 2nd generation of the Sivagangga cluster.
  • 2nd August – 2nd generation cluster: 11 more people tested positive including 4 kids (aged 2 to 10).
  • 3rd August – 64-year-old customer tested positive.
  • 5th August – 3 women tested positive; linked to 2nd generation cluster.
  • 6th August – 6 more tested positive for Covid-19.
  • 9th August – Another 2 more cases from a 3rd generation of the Sivagangga cluster.
Sivagangga Cluster
Source: MoH

The covidiot was previously fined RM1000 for breaking his home quarantine rules after returning from India. Since the Sivagangga cluster was discovered, 5826 people have been screened, with 45 positive cases. It is easily one of the largest active clusters in Malaysia.

Despite justice being served, many are arguing that the punishment isn’t severe enough. Earlier this week, several NGOs in Kedah have expressed their wish to sue the potential super spreader. People have also been calling for his business license to be revoked permanently.

Source: Google Images

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Sources: Bernama, The Star.

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