Zoo Negara has sparked yet another hot debate this week.

This time, a video showing a bunch of rats roaming around a penguin enclosure in the zoo made its way online, raising concern among netizens.


The post was shared by Facebook user Li Junhao, who uploaded the clip along with photos of the rodents scampering around the enclosure. He wrote, “It really hurts to see the hopeless look of a penguin who is isolated and helpless in Zoo Negara. The food for penguins are anchovies & sardines…erm and rats?”

Soon after the post went viral, many slammed the Zoo Negara workers for neglecting their responsibility in taking care of the animals. Some argued that it might be easier for the rats to stay inside because the penguin closure was not cold enough. As pointed out by one netizen, “Isn’t it cold inside, how can a mouse be in there?”, to which another chimed in, “What terrible living condition for the penguins.”

A number of enraged individuals even brought up the issue about the funds donated by the public for the adoption programme during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period back in April. In response to the complaints left by animal-lovers out there, Zoo Negara replied stating that they will address the matter soon.

Source: FB via SAYS

At the time of writing (Wednesday, 12th August), Junhao’s post has been shared over 3,600 times on social media.

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