Opie Zami (real name Mohd Saufi) and Zamzarina Mohamed’s marriage of 17 years have officially come to an end.

The 46-year-old Malaysian star and his 43-year-old ex-wife opted for a single talak separation before Syarie Judge Ahmad Mahir Zanial at the Federal Territories Lower Syariah Court this morning (Monday, 10th August).

Opie Zami
Source: MStar

According to the actor-director, both parties felt that divorce was the best option to settle their differences. When probed about the cause of their split, Opie declined to elaborate. “We prefer to keep it private,” he was quoted as saying.


Having said that, the comedian insisted that there’s no bad blood between the former flames. If anything, he said that the blame should be his responsibility to take on. “It’s not her fault. As the head of the family, I failed in my duty as a husband to make my wife an exemplary life partner,” Opie explained.

As for their 3 children – Ammar Shah Saidi, 15, Aliff Shah Syedi, 13, and Arrif Shah Saidi, 8 – custody has been given to Zamzarina. “I believe our three boys are best looked after by their mother, with visiting rights for me,” the “Spanar Jaya” star shared.

Opie and Zamzarina got married on 5th December 2003. However, Zamzarina explained that their marital problems started a decade ago, and this was the 3rd time she has gone to court.

Opie Zami
Source: Gempak

Word on the street has it that the pair had been living separately since 3rd August.

Source: NST.

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