The internet went nuts after a video of a male personal trainer groping his client’s buttocks while she was exercising at a gym in Singapore went viral on social media earlier this week.

After the clip made its way online, the trainer, David Meisut, was contacted by Singaporean outlet AsiaOne. The alleged culprit, however, had shut down all claims of sexual misconduct made against him.



According to David, “The video was shown to me by the client . At that time, we both discussed the exercise that she was doing. She did not place any objection to any aspects of the video or the fact that there was physical contact.”

“Right from the beginning. I had told her about physical contact on a particular part of her body, and she said that she understood and therefore, consented,” David added.  During the interview, he also revealed his plan to lodge a police report on the “false accusations” and is currently obtaining legal advice.

In the meantime, Apeiro Performance released a statement to address the issue on Instagram Story. The health centre explained that they do not tolerate such inappropriate behaviour and has since banned the freelance trainer.

Source: IG Story via AsiaOne 

Source: AsiaOne.

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