Many residents are enraged that several hotels in Petaling Jaya have been turned into Covid-19 quarantine centres.

One tenant took to social media to vent out their frustration after knowing this. They claimed that they were never given any prior notice about the situation!

Source: IG Story

A police official said that around 128 people have been sent to undergo their 14-day long quarantine after returning from abroad at the hotel. On the other hand, a few other people have been sent to another hotel in PJ. “No one is allowed to leave the premise. Only the residents are allowed to enter,” he told FMT.


In response to that, one resident, Eng said they have collected objections from 150 owners through a WhatsApp group. “The government’s gazette of the declaration of quarantine stations on April 4 came as a shock to us. This is because serviced apartments within a hotel and mixed development area should not be included in the list,” Eng told the Star.

He added that the building also stores several retail shops and restaurants. “The health risk to us residents and tenants living here should not be underestimated,” Eng was quoted as saying. He further revealed that some tenants are already threatening to move out!

Source: FMT

Another resident, Thanusha, told FMT, “This is ridiculous! There were no prior notices from the government and even the National Disaster Management Agency. This concerns me deeply given that if this is true, it is going to put us under a bigger threat of infection.

She further added, “It is inappropriate to turn a place into a quarantine centre out of the blue. The common places will definitely be shared with people who are being quarantined, and we are being exposed to Covid-19.”

Sources: FMT, The Star.

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