Recently, a Twitter user named Azhar Ibrahim shared that he had been blocked by the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) official Twitter account!

The netizen was apparently blocked after he corrected an inaccurate information in one of their statements online. Seemingly disheartened by this, Azhar also slammed the attitude of the account’s admin for unreasonably blocking social media users.

According to Azhar, he found that he was blocked online after he addressed one of the tweets about the ratio of doctors to each resident. In one of the tweets, Health Minister Dr. Adham Baba stated that the ratio of one doctor to every population in Malaysia is 1 : 454. This was regarded as a positive statistic than what the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended; 1 :500.

In this case, the netizen pointed out that the statement posted contradicted with the actual information released by the WHO where developing countries require a ratio of 1: 400 instead of 1: 500. The tweet on MoH’s account has since been deleted as at time of writing.


What are your thoughts on this?

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