A couple in Penang raised concern among netizens after a photo of them wearing what appeared to be the Covid-19 wristband went viral on social media over the weekend.

However, the police have since confirmed that the duo are not persons under surveillance (PUS). The actual report stated that the pink bracelets are actually tags to enter a dog cafe.

Source: Coconuts

According to Timur Laut police chief, Assistant Commissioner Soffian Santong, the police took swift action in tracking down the 21-year-old factory worker and the 25-year-old shop assistant after they received the report at 3:25pm. Both of them were called in by the cops to assist with the investigation.


“The couple said they had visited a pet shop at New World Park at 12:30pm on Sunday (2nd August). They clarified that the pink wristbands with the words “Husky And The Gang” were provided by the employees there,” Soffian said in a statement.

Husky And The Gang wristband (Source: The Star)

The duo then admitted that the individuals in the viral picture were indeed them. They explained that they didn’t take off the tags because they had plans to return to the pet cafe later in the evening.

The duo added that they went to Bukit Bendera to buy a pair of tickets at 3pm. But since they had to wait longer than expected, the couple cancelled their plan and went to a shopping mall instead. That was the moment when they were spotted for allegedly breaking the rule at the funicular train station.

Pink Covid-19 wristband (Source: MoH)

Based on the background check with the Ministry of Health (MoH), their names are not in the PUS list.

Source: BERNAMA.

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