Fraser’s Hill is regarded as one of the widely popular holiday spots in our country among locals and foreign tourists alike.

However, it was revealed yesterday (Monday, 3rd August) that the resort hill in Pahang may be affected by a new resort development project soon.

The news was shared by the Malaysian Heritage Agency (Badan Warisan Malaysia/BWM). They expressed their concern over the natural site of Fraser’s Hill where the development is set. It is understood that the project will be established at Allan’s Water, a recreational lake that used to be a source of hill water.

For those curious, the resort, known as Fraser’s Hill Resort & Spa, is developed by Ikhasas Group and will provide 181 rooms as well as other facilities. Although the site is private land, as a location that has its own historical values, many have been taking note of the importance of preserving the holiday destination.

Therefore, a petition was launched by the organisation which calls for the development project to be reviewed. At the time of writing (Tuesday, 4th August), the petition has gained over 5,000 signatures from the public.

To check out the link, click here.

Source: Murai.

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