Singaporean multidisciplinary artiste and singer-songwriter, inch, recently released her brand new single, “Flags”, featuring fellow rapper ShiGGa Shay.

In describing the song, “Flags” is so much more than just a catchy art-pop tune! The track is loaded with passion and meaning that combines catchy hooks with deeper thoughts. The lyrical verses of the song also touches on the current state of affairs in the world.

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We recently caught up with inch where she talked about her latest song, what she’s been up to these days and also shared on her experience in the Antarctica. Check out the interview with inch here:


1. Congratulations on releasing “Flags” recently! Tell us what have you been up to in the recent months, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period?

Thank you! I’ve been really enjoying this quarantine period, and it’s been quite a gift in many ways. Just before circuit breaker (Singapore’s version of the movement control order (MCO)) I was in a serious state of broken-heartedness, so isolation was tremendously healing for me.

Regaining time has allowed me to focus on projects I have put aside; home improvement things – learnt some basic electrical work from Youtube, remodelled my kitchen, and repainted my home to working on new music and scripts. There’s quite a bunch of creative projects that I worked on that are out now such as storytelling for Checkpoint Theatre’s “Two Songs And A Story”, sound designing for t:>works’ book of mothers, and of course, music for my new album.

2. “Flags” has a very strong commentary on what’s going on with the current world affairs, which is also depicted in your lyric video. We want to know what goes on in your head, your creative process on coming up with “Flags” as it is.

The very first version of “Flags” was written many years ago, when I did a hike to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The experience of being at a place with such high altitude can really shed some perspective on one’s understanding of nothingness.

This nothingness was revisited in my latest expedition to Antarctica that compels confrontation to the loudest thing in that silent space, which was me. Confronting one’s self is the hardest, bravest and most vulnerable thing anyone can do with themselves. But I do believe it’s only when we can face ourselves, with all its ugliness and wonder we can begin to address change.

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3. Word has it that you have an accompanying music video of “Flags” coming up, which shows live footage from your previous show “No Mans Land” inspired by your trip to Antarctica. What was your experience in Antarctica like?

It was a pretty inflicting expedition. I was grappling with the hypocrisy of being at a place in the name of the environment while just being there. It was clear the presence of humans (including my foot print) has affected the place too. Yet, experiencing Antarctica felt vital for me being, this sense of shared isolation felt more real than ever. It’s so strange to me how something so vital is so inaccessible and rare.

4. We noticed you and ShiGGa Shay collaborate on projects hand in hand quite often. Tell us how is the working process like for the both of you?

I wanted to up the angst in the song, and Jin (ShiGGa Shay) was the first person that came to mind. He has so much presence in his voice even when he’s being laid back. And the song needed to play within that conflicting tension of quiet aggression and overwhelming calmness. I just hit him up and shared with him my thoughts. And within days he shot back stems of him spitting fire like a pro.


5. It’s great to hear that you’re quite an advocate for environmental causes and social issues. This includes your proceeds being donated to H.O.M.E organisation. Could you share more on some of the past causes you’ve worked on as well?

In recent years, it’s been really humbling to teach songwriting in prison and juveniles. Music was such a life changing tool to have for me, and I’d like to keep advocating for people to explore it and hopefully gain the perspective and catharsis it’s gifted me.

6. You performed in Malaysia some years ago (the last time was in Urbanscapes in 2014?). What was your experience in Malaysia like during that trip? Do you think you’ll come back to Malaysia for a gig when the world opens up again?

I love Malaysia! I usually daydream about the food and usually plan to hit up a food place before gig places (laughs). If there’s any opportunity to play in Malaysia, I will be there!

7. What can fans expect from you in the remaining months of 2020? Any plans for a new album?

There’s going to be another single at the end of the year, and my new album will come out next year. Stay tuned!

We will be patiently waiting then! For those who are interested, check out inch on Spotify here.

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