Who knew ‘Super Ring’ and condoms could ever go together?

Well, thanks to a viral Facebook post, ONE Condoms is looking to make that a reality! Yup, you heard that right! The Malaysian condom company has decided to look into the idea after a surge of popularity for Super Ring.

In fact, the company even teased the idea on their Instagram, posting; “So cheesy, so good. Should we add Super Ring to our range of limited edition localised flavours? Let us know in the comments!”


Although this flavour has never been produced, netizens were not surprised considering the company’s choices of flavours in the past. For instance, ONE Condoms previously experimented with local Malaysian flavours like durian, nasi lemak and rendang.

However, they believed that a Facebook post by former Prime Minister, Najib Razak had influenced the company’s decision to consider the following option.

Earlier last month, Najib uploaded an image of him indulging the Super Ring snack on his Facebook account. In the post, the Pahang native mocked Tun Dr Mahathir and 4 other MPs for being sacked from political party, BERSATU.

When asked for a response, ONE Condoms clarified their intentions, noting; “We do not intend to make it political and are not taking any political stand. The nature of the post is light-hearted and is meant for playful amusement.”


Nevertheless, the idea for a Super ring condom isn’t out of the window. As a matter of fact, if the popularity of the Malaysian snack continues, the company may just consider producing it!

So what do you guys think? Would you purchase it if it were to come out?

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